Musician & Videographer/Photographer: Winner of a number of videography and soundtrack awards. He has 7 music albums, composed, produced and mixed by himself. Currently he's working on his 8th album and new videos soon to be released productions. Yousef has been studying and researching music theory, practice, performance, recording and production for over 20 years. Always innovating and keeping up with the latest in technology, his unique sound and continuous focus on originality while avoiding the mainstream has made him one of the pioneers in the field of electronic/contemporary music in the Arab World. He currently works out of his hi-tech studios, doing audiovisual installations, and art collaboration projects in NYC and Amman. Yousef's work has been recognized and acclaimed be many professionals in various fields, most recently by CNN's Johnny Colt.

Yousef provides the following:

- Music and sound design.

- Video production: A-Z commercial and artistic.

- Photography production: A-Z commercial and artistic. 

- Drone operating.

- Creating and managing art projects.

- Art consultancy.
- Art and music therapy sessions using sounds and images to access our natural healing abilities.



- Videography, drone operating, photography and digital art production.

- Music, sound design, soundart and sound engineering.