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Internal Dialogue

All music was written, produced and mixed by Kawar, with Jai Es on drums and Jorge Abundis on vocals in track “I need to see you”. Everything else – bass, guitars, keyboards and electronics – is Kawar. The album was conceived in silence, nurtured by the human condition and birthed by the tools of technology. Another ‘vocalist’ with an otherworldly feel makes her debut: the voice waves of Google translate – in various languages –, which became an instrument of its own accord under Yousef’s digital control.

To truly savor the intricacies of the album’s sounds, their layering and the resulting experience, a good pair of headphones is essential.

* We delve deeper into the unknown as we are accompanied by the eerie digital arpeggios and haunting sounds, a doorstep that takes us beyond the event horizon of everyday programmed normalcy and allows us to explore our innerverse by slowly stripping away our consumerist-nurtured masks.

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